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The newest 2-in-1 car diagnostic tool in 2024 is here! Can diagnose both Renault and Mitsubishi

May 31, 2024

The newest breakthrough in car diagnostic tools in 2024, this is an advanced 2-in-1 functional car diagnostic device that can easily diagnose Renault and Mitsubishi vehicles. This revolutionary device also represents a major advancement in the field of automotive repair and diagnostics, providing car owners and service technicians with a comprehensive solution for diagnosing and troubleshooting vehicles from two well-known brands.


Imagine having it, which not only saves the cost of purchasing another one, but also provides seamless diagnostic functions for Renault and Mitsubishi vehicles, simplifying the maintenance process and ensuring accurate and efficient vehicle repairs. Lets take a closer look at the features and benefits of this new product--Renault and Mitsubishi 2 in 1.


 2-in-1 diagnostic tool display

 Renault and Mitsubishi 2 in 1 diagnostic toolRenault and Mitsubishi diagnostic tool


Renault car diagnostic software introduction


Renault Can Clip software is a multifunctional service tool designed for the maintenance and diagnosis of Renault and Dacia cars. This software enables users to perform comprehensive diagnostics of various ECUs in the vehicle, including but not limited to automatic transmission, engine - injectors, ABS + ESP, airbags, climate control, etc.

 Renault car diagnostic software CAN Clip

Clip diagnostic software function analysis


Clip diagnostic software covers many maintenance and diagnostic needs of Renault vehicles. Through computer testing and automatic testing, it can comprehensively test all computer systems in the vehicle to ensure the normal operation of all parts of the vehicle. At the same time, the tool also supports reprogramming functions to adjust and update the vehicle's electronic control unit as needed to improve vehicle performance and efficiency.

 Renault car diagnostic software Clip

In addition, it can also test Renault car airbags, and can quickly and accurately diagnose and troubleshoot airbag system problems to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Through the scanning tool (OBD test), car owners can easily read and clear fault codes to help locate and solve vehicle faults. In addition, through the Base Doc function, car owners can access technical instructions for more detailed maintenance information and guidance.


Finally, it also supports physical measurement, emission testing and multimeter functions, providing users with a full range of vehicle diagnosis and maintenance services. Whether it is vehicle performance testing, emission testing or electrical system measurement, this tool can meet the diverse needs of users and provide a convenient and comprehensive solution for car maintenance technicians and car owners.


Mitsubishi car diagnostic software introduction


MUT-3 is a dedicated Mitsubishi vehicle diagnostic software that provides full support for CAN automatically and partial support for K lines (SRS, ABS and ECUs that use pin 1 in the diagnostic connector will not work), allowing for the diagnosis of Mitsubishi vehicles. All electronic systems are diagnosed.

 Mitsubishi car Diagnostic Software MUT-3

MUT-3 diagnostic software function analysis


Users can view and record vehicle operating parameters in real time through MUT-3, helping technicians quickly and accurately locate problems and diagnose them. In addition to diagnostic functions, MUT-3 also supports ECU encoding, ECU programming and updating, as well as adaptation implementation and reset functions. Through MUT-3, users can perform ECU coding and programming operations to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle electronic control unit and the installation of the latest software version. In addition, MUT-3 also supports service procedures, VIN number changes in the ECU, ETACS option coding, component calibration (including hybrid engines), ETACS reset, and key programming.

 Mitsubishi car Diagnostic Software MUT-3 SE

For the calibration and adjustment of special components such as hybrid engines, MUT-3 provides a convenient solution to help users ensure the accuracy and performance of all parts of the vehicle. In addition, MUT-3 also supports ETACS (Electronic Time and Alarm Control System) reset and key programming, providing users with comprehensive vehicle maintenance and diagnostic services. These features make MUT-3 an indispensable tool in the Mitsubishi vehicle repair industry, improving repair efficiency and accuracy.


Renault & Mitsubishi 2-in-1 diagnostic Extra software introduction 


In addition to Clip and MUT-3 SE, there are additional diagnostic software for offline programming of Renault & Mitsubishi vehicles, such as: Customer Portal, UltraSO, Renault_V2, Clip 236, MUT-3, Sunlogin, etc.


Using this car diagnostic tool, you can also perform offline programming. Supported vehicles include Outlander XL/ES 2007+, Outlander Ill/PHEV 2013+, Lancer X/EX 2007+, ASX/RVR/Outlander Sport, Mirrage/Attrage/Space star 2012+,Delica D5,Pajero Sport 3rd 2016+,L200 Triton 2016+,Xpander,Peugeot 4007,4008,Citroen C-Crosser,AirCross,Fiat Fullback 17MY,Dodge Ram 1200.


Through this Renault & Mitsubishi 2-in-1 diagnostic tool, using these software, you can achieve DTC reading, seat belt indicator adjustment, ETACS and engine VIN change, immobilizer plug change, engine learning value reset, CVT ATF degradation level reset , ECU saving and variant modification and mileage adjustment, etc., further enhance the diagnostic and maintenance process.



In summary, the Renault & Mitsubishi 2-in-1 diagnostic tool represents a significant advance in vehicle diagnostics, offering a comprehensive set of features to simplify maintenance and repair tasks on Renault and Mitsubishi vehicles. This tool is of high quality and powerful performance. It is indispensable for both car technicians and enthusiasts. If you like it, you are welcome to buy one.

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