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Upgrade MB STAR C6 Diagnostic Software Xentry to latest 2024-3 version

May 28, 2024

Dear Benz owners, please note that the Benz diagnostic tool MB STAR C6's diagnostic software XENTRY DAS has been upgraded to the latest version 2024-3. This upgrade has brought many updates and improvements, including support for DoIP authorized model 223.206. In addition, this update also covers multiple diagnostic software and versions, making the user experience smoother and more efficient. Lets take a look at what these software are and their versions.

 Upgrade MB STAR C6 to 2024-3 version

Vediamo (Version 4.02)


Vediamo is a professional car diagnostic and programming software mainly used for in-depth diagnosis, programming and configuration of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 

Vediamo software provides more advanced programming and debugging functions, allowing users to conduct deeper operations and customized adjustments to the vehicle's control unit to achieve more accurate diagnosis and repair. Users can use Vediamo software to diagnose fault codes, program control units, adjust parameters or activate special functions. Overall, Vediamo software plays a very important role in the repair and service of Mercedes-Benz cars.

DTS (Version 8.14/Version 8.16/Version 9.02)


DTS is a diagnostic software for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, used for vehicle diagnosis and programming operations. 

DTS software provides rich diagnostic and programming functions to help users better detect and repair vehicle faults. Users can use DTS software to read and clear fault codes, adjust control unit parameters, perform special functions and other operations. DTS software supports a variety of Mercedes-Benz models and can be used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools and software to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. Overall, DTS software is one of the important tools in the field of diagnostics and programming of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

 DTS (Version 8.14/8.16/9.02)

WIS (Version 2021.10)


WIS is the abbreviation of Mercedes-Benz Cars Engineering Service Information System (Workshop Information System). 

It is a software that provides detailed technical service information. WIS software contains a wealth of vehicle repair and maintenance information, including vehicle repair manuals, repair procedures, fault diagnosis steps, parts information, special tools required for repairs, etc. Users can find technical maintenance information on Mercedes-Benz vehicles through WIS software, helping them better understand the structure and working principles of the vehicle for repair and maintenance work. Overall, WIS software plays a very important role in the field of Mercedes-Benz car maintenance.

 WIS (Version 2021.10)

EPC (Version 2018.12)


EPC is the abbreviation of Mercedes-Benz Electronic Parts Catalog. 

It is a software that provides automobile parts information. EPC software contains parts catalogs and configuration information for all Mercedes-Benz car models. Users can use EPC software to find and identify the required parts and understand their accurate specifications and locations. The EPC software also provides ordering numbers and price information for parts, helping users obtain the required parts more easily. Through EPC software, users can locate and obtain the parts required for Mercedes-Benz vehicles faster and more accurately, thereby improving the efficiency of repair and maintenance work.

 EPC (Version 2018.12)

STAR Finder (Version 2016/Version 2020/Version 2022/Version 2023)


STAR Finder is a parts information system for Mercedes-Benz cars, used to find and identify parts for Mercedes-Benz cars. 

Through the STAR Finder software, users can search and find the parts they need, and view their specifications, location, ordering numbers and other information. STAR Finder also provides detailed assembly instructions and drawings to help users better understand how to install and adjust components. In this way, users can obtain and use Mercedes-Benz vehicle parts information more conveniently and accurately, so as to better perform vehicle repair and maintenance work. STAR Finder plays an important role in the automotive repair industry, providing users with a convenient way to find and obtain parts information.

 STAR Finder (Version 2016/2020/2022/2023)

STAR Finder (Version 2016/2020/2022/2023)

SDmedia (Version 2014)


SDmedia is Mercedes-Benz's multimedia information system (Service & Parts Information), software used to provide maintenance and parts information. 

SDmedia software contains technical maintenance information, maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, and instructions for using special tools on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Users can use SDmedia software to find and browse vehicle repair and maintenance information, learn the location and replacement methods of specific parts, as well as the information needed to perform diagnostic and programming operations.


SDmedia software combines multimedia technology and provides rich images, videos and text content, allowing users to learn and understand repair and maintenance knowledge more intuitively and conveniently. This makes it easier for technicians and repairmen to perform repair work, ensuring that maintenance and restoration of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is more accurate and efficient. SDmedia software is an indispensable tool in Mercedes-Benz car service, helping to improve the quality and efficiency of repairs.


PL-67 (Version 2022)


According to my understanding, PL-67 is one of the commonly used software tools in Mercedes-Benz car repair work. 

PL-67 is a special software used for repair, maintenance and programming in Mercedes-Benz car factories. It provides detailed repair information and diagnostic functions to help diagnose vehicle problems, locate faults and perform necessary repair and programming operations. PL-67 software may have different versions and functions depending on the model and year. Typically, using PL-67 software requires specialized training and qualifications to ensure proper operation and maintenance of the vehicle.


Disassemby Assistant Selit V14


Disassembly Assistant is a software tool used in Mercedes-Benz car factories to help employees disassemble parts and assemble vehicle components. 

Disassembly Assistant provides clear graphic guidelines and steps to help employees disassemble and assemble auto parts more accurately and efficiently to ensure that the work process and quality meet standards and requirements. This kind of tool can greatly improve the operating efficiency of workers on the automobile assembly line and ensure the quality and efficiency of the automobile assembly process.

Disassemby Assistant

Selit V14

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