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Car and Truck MB Star C5 Auto Diagnostic Tool with Software 2022-03 SSD and CF-19 i5 Toughbook full kit Ready to use

Car and Truck MB Star C5 Auto Diagnostic Tool with Software 2022-03 SSD and CF-19 i5 Toughbook full kit Ready to use

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Car and Truck MB Star C5 Auto Diagnostic Tool with Software 2022-03 SSD and CF-19 i5 Toughbook full kit Ready to use
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    MB-STAR-C5 software 2022-3 (win10 X64 version)

    Xent DAS March 2022, long registration code, supports bus and truck detection, supports login-free diagnosis of new models such as 213, 257, etc. Supports HHT software diagnosis of old models such as 140,

    Maintenance Information WIS October 2020

    Accessory query EPC November 2018, open data card, you can query the price of accessories in USD and EUR

    StarFinder 2016 version and 2020 version

    PL76 accessories price inquiry January 2022

    SDmedia Offline January 2014

    Engineer version Vediamo upgraded to 5.01.01

    DisassembyAssistant disassembly assistant software

    Selit Service Literature Version 1.4

    Engineer Version DTS Version 8.16.15 and 8.14, latest version 2019 data and 2021 data

    Fix the bug that DAS cannot directly call WIS

    Join DAS car sm-art offline programming

    Fix SMART 450, 451, 452, 454 no longer need TAN Caculator, all implemented offline

    what's new of MB DOIP XC4 Plus?
    1.Adopts high performance wireless module and it has the characteristics of low power consumption, super high speed and long distance and high stability etc.

    1,Realize wireless programming

    2,Solve the problem of flashover and disconnection -Multiple MB DOIP XC4 Plus in the same workshop can be used at the same time, and the wireless will not affect each other.

    3,The distance of wireless communication increases, and the open area can reach 50m.

    4,The connection mode is simple, and the wireless B;et to automatic. Wireless search XC4 Plus,enter the connection password(123456789) to connect directly.

    5,wirelless DOIP diagnosis and programming, set the wireless network connection DOIP address

    Software Feature:

    Software Support Language:

    English/Bulgarian/Danish/Greek/Spanish/French/Italian/Korean/Polish/Romanuan/Serbo-Croatian/ Turkish/Czech/German/Finish/Hyngarian/Japanese/Dutch/Portuguese/Russian/Swedish

    Hardware Feature:

    MB Star SD Connect C5 -- The New Generation Diagnostic Tool for MB Vehicle, Update from MB STAR Diagnosis C4.

    1.Support Wireless(wifi connect)
    2.Hardware Verison: OS:2.3 CSD:2.11, Firmware updatable.
    3. Full chip Super Qualitywork for Car 12v and truck 24v
    4. Free offer Professional Technical Supported!
    5.Support online SCN coding, (when you do online you need a login acount)
    6. MB Star C5 +CF19+ Software bundle sales! we Pre-install software Ready To work, save Money than buy themseparately
    New MB Star SD Connect 5 Features:
    1. New MB SD Connect Compact 5 Star Diagnosis support wireless diagnose;
    2. New MB SD Connect Compact 5Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS,but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C5 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C5 can not support it;
    3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect
    4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
    5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, guarantee the quality of the products;
    The new generation MB diagnostic equipment Star Diagnosis compact 4 is the latest one on market for all current and new coming MB vehicles.
    New MB SD CONNECT 5 Functions:
    1.2000~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart ;(Old car please use C3)
    2. All electric system Diagnostic;(Do not include flash code)
    3. Reading trouble code
    4. Erasing trouble code
    5. Live-data
    6. Adaptation
    7. Component testing
    8. Maintenance
    9. Information consultation
    10. Component location diagram
    11. Wiring diagram
    Testable System:
    Support MB Cars After Year 2000
    Passenger Car Support List:
    A(176),  A(169),  A(168),  B(246),  B(245),  CLC(117),  C(204)  C(203),  C
    (202),  190(201),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),  S(220),  S(140),  S(126), E(207),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),  CL(215),  CL(140)  SLK(172),  SLK(171),  SLK(170),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),  SLS(197), M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(463),  G(461),  E(212),  E(211),  E(210),  124(124),  S(222),  S(221),S(220),  S(140),  CLK(209),  CLK(208),  CLS(218),  CLS(219),  CL(216),
    CL(215),  CL(140),  SLK(172),  SL(231),  SL(230),  SL(129),  SL(107),SLS(197),  M(166),  M(164),  M(163),  G(460),  GL(164),  GLK(204),  R(251)
    Van Support List:
    MB 100(631),  T1,  SprinterIII,  SprinterII,  SprinterI,  Sprinter900,  Citan,  Vito(639),  Vito(638), V(638),   Viano(639),  T2,  Vario,  Vaneo(414)
    Truck Support List:
    Actros963/4,  Actros2,3,  AtegoIII,  AtegoII,  AxorII,  Eonic,  Zetros,  Actros,  Atego Light,  Atego Heavey,  HPN M96,  Atron,  HPN M2000,  SKL,  FSK,  Further model series
    Unimog Support List:
    U20,  UGN,  UHN
    Product Pictures:
    MB Star SD C5 Laptop CF19 TOUGHBOOK:
    Work with Super Military TOUGHBOOK CF-19, Works fast stable and no error! as original c5 computer.
    CF-19 is a Super Military Toughbook
    • Waterproof

    • Dustproof

    • Drop Resistance

    Allow you use everywhere
    Our CF19 Laptop /toughbookConfiguration:
    Second hand 95% new.
    Screen Size: 10.1 inch touch screen
    Memory (RAM): 4GB( while others offer only 2G, To work with C4 system,4G is much more fast and stable)
    Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Dual
    CPU:  i5

    If any questions, just feel free to contact us! software may need register when the first time use,  you can contact us free activate, or you can watch the video in tools file, activate yourself. Thanks!

    P.S.   the price do not includes remote area surcharge/customs-im-port-t-a-x.